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A very special THANK YOU to our sponsors and affiliates.

THANK YOU to our generous patrons, donors, sponsors and government funding agencies for your ongoing and continued support throughout the years.

We are particularly grateful to the following sponsors and government funding agencies that make our concerts possible:

The Toronto Arts Council The Toronto Arts Council
Ontario Arts Council
The Trillium Foundation Ontario Trillium Foundation
Hardy Stevenson and Associates Limited  Hardy Stevenson

Why should you sponsor the SPO?

  1. You’ll be seen as a leader in the community, making a smart, intelligent sponsorship choice.
  2. You’ll raise your profile, reaching a committed and dedicated audience, including your customers and potential customers.
  3. SPO sponsorship is an incredible promotional tool you can use to help achieve your goals.
  4. You’ll be helping today’s young musicians to grow and reach their full potential as accomplished musicians.
  5. You’ll make an important and lasting contribution to the depth and cultural diversity of the community.

Join the growing list of SPO Sponsors who are helping create a lasting legacy now and in the future.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact SPO today by emailing [email protected]