The SPOGreatMusic Podcast Series – Season 1

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Fri-Sep-18 E01 Sharing a Passion for Music; Introduction to the SPO Great Music Podcast Series
Fri-Oct-02 E02 Plagues, Pandemics, and Musicians
Fri-Oct-16 E03 Socially Distanced: Music for a Solo Instrument, J.S. Bach Plus
Fri-Oct-30 E04 Beethoven: The Man and His Chamber Music – Part 1
Fri-Nov-13 E05 Beethoven: The Man and His Chamber Music – Part 2
Fri-Nov-27 E06 Celebrating the SPO’s 40th Anniversary Online (Special Extended Episode)
Fri-Dec-11 E07 Canadian Holiday Music: From the Huron Carol to the Present
Fri-Jan-08 E08 O, Canada: The Song
Fri-Jan-22 E09 How Have Computers Changed the Way Music Is Composed?
Fri-Feb-05 E10 East Meets West: How Traditional Chinese Music Has Been Combined with Western Music — This episode will feature an English language and Chinese language version, in celebration of Chinese New Year on Friday, February 12, 2021
Fri-Feb-19 E11 Storytelling Through Music: New Canadian Music for the Odin String Quartet
Fri-Mar-05 E12 Piano Music of Maurice Ravel
Fri-Mar-19 E13 The Art of Composing Music for Animated Films: Part 1
Fri-Apr-02 E14 The Art of Composing Music for Animated Films: Part 2
Fri-Apr-16 E15 The Arts in Scarborough
Fri-Apr-30 E16 The Stratford Symphony Orchestra: Life in the City of Shakespeare

Our Executive Producer and Audio Engineer of The SPOGreatMusic Podcast Series is Devin Scott. Our Producer is Ronald Royer. Our Host and Segment Audio Engineer is Dr. Daniel Mehdizadeh.

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