The SPOGreatMusic Podcast Series: S01E15

Release Date: April 16, 2021

Host: Dr. Daniel Mehdizadeh | A look at the diverse world of orchestras in the province of Ontario. Besides the major orchestras like the Toronto Symphony and the National Arts Centre Orchestra, there are exciting orchestral activities throughout the province. Featuring Part 1 interviewees conductor Philip Sarabura and Co-President of the Board Joann Alho (the Brantford Symphony).


Here’s some additional information and pictures on our special guest interviewees for this episode:


Philip Sarabura, Conductor / Artistic Director, Brantford Symphony Orchestra

Philip Sarabura is a highly accomplished musician with a great variety of interests. He is a conductor, violinist, and organist of distinguished stature, highly experienced in all three areas.

Growing up in Toronto, Philip was fortunate to attend, and graduate from, the renowned St. Michael’s Choir School. Being immersed in music every day for ten years laid the foundation for a life devoted to a highly successful career as a classical musician. He emerged from the Choir School a talented and promising violinist and organist.

There’s a lot more to Philip’s story, which you can learn on his personal website here, or through the Brantford Symphony Orchestra website, here.

Brantford Symphony Orchestra is a Community Parnter of Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra.


Joann Alho, Co-Chair, Brantford Symphony Orchestra

Learn more about Joann Alho here.


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