Our Leadership

The Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra is managed by a voluntary Board of Directors, which includes:

Lynda Hester, President

David Livingston, Secretary


Heather Castrucci

Ally Ladak     Fr. Dean Mercer

Steve Newman     Bob Soja

Paul Bolton, President Emeritus

The SPO is very grateful for all of the time and hard work given by our dedicated Board and volunteers. Special thanks to those volunteers who help with our social media. We also appreciate those volunteers who have helped with stage set-up and tear-down, and serving our guests at our intermission receptions at live performances.

Special thanks to our SPOGreatMusic Digital Content Production Team for working so hard to create an award-winning season online, including our Podcast Executive Producer and audio editor/mixer, Devin Scott; Podcast Producer (and music performer), Ronald Royer; and our Podcast host, and segment audio engineer, Dr. Daniel Mehdizadeh.

We also appreciate the support and input from specialists, researchers, and editors in making our Podcast professional and special.

We work together with a real sense of “team” and are always pleased with the quality of the musical performances of our musicians. They really are the finest of people. Hopefully, we’ll return to the stage, together, very soon.

Thank you all for your efforts and support of the SPO!