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We have a core of professional musicians: principal strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion – along with a diverse group of community players of all ages, including music educators, seniors and retired musicians. We also provide opportunities for young professional musicians, university students and some advanced high school students to learn, rehearse and perform a broad repertoire alongside professional musicians.

Of course, the best way to meet our musicians is in person, at one of our SPO concerts.

Updated November 15, 2021 — Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and considerations, the SPO will be unable to perform live concerts until it is safe to do so.  Fingers crossed, we’re hoping to be back on stage playing live concerts in early April and early May 2022.

If you are interested in performing with the SPO in the future, please contact us here.

If you are interested in brushing up your own skills on an instrument found in our orchestra, we would be happy to get you in touch with one of our SPO musicians who also teaches. For more information, please email the SPO office here, with the Subject line: Looking for a teacher. Please remember to include the instrument you play, and some basic information/history for the teacher. Under Covid-19 guidelines, teaching is taking place online. This is also a great way to support musicians who have lost all, or mostly all, of their performance opportunities.

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