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We have a core of professional musicians: principal strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion – along with a diverse group of community players of all ages, including music educators, seniors and retired musicians. We also provide opportunities for young professional musicians, university students and some advanced high school students to learn, rehearse and perform a broad repertoire alongside professional musicians.

Corey Gemmell - Principal Violin ILesley Duff - Principal Flute
Lisa Allard - Violin ILaurel Swinden - 2nd Flute
Itzel Avila - Violin IGillian Howard - Principal Oboe
Wanes Moulbayed - Violin IElizabeth Brown - 2nd Oboe
John Milosh - Violin IKaye Royer - Principal Clarinet
Kenin McKay - Principal Violin IIBarb Newman - 2nd Clarinet
Kathy Bidell - Violin IILarkin Hinder - Principal Bassoon
Wendy Frey - Violin IIGilles Thibodeau - Principal Horn
Towa Paisley - Violin IIElizabeth Fava - 2nd Horn
John Newton - ViolaBeth Curley - 3rd Horn
Kimball Quigley - ViolaSifan Jia - 4th Horn
Leise Warner - ViolaAaron Good - Principal Trombone
Samuel Bisson - Principal CelloBenjamin Barby - 2nd Trombone
Pat Antliff - CelloRobert Ketchen - Bass Trombone
Yiping Chao - CelloJeremy Trupp - Principal Tuba
Susan Guglielmin - CelloLiliana Dimitrijevic - Principal Harp
David Marteinson - CelloLaura Savage - Principal Percussion
Rosanne Wells - CelloJeffry Mason - Percussion
Lisa Haddock - Principal Bass
Maximos Farmakidis - Bass
Kerry Johnston - Bass

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