For the Media

For the Media

SPO welcomes members of the media to attend its concerts and to discuss our ongoing initiatives.

Media Contact: For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Stephen Wilson, Executive Director, at 416-434-6846 or [email protected]

Key Facts:

  • SPO was founded in 1980 by Conductor Clifford Poole
  • SPO is not-for-profit, community orchestra, includes a core of paid section leaders and many community musicians.
  • SPO musicians include: professional players, music teachers and music enthusiasts, who share a love of music and performing it for others.
  • In 1994, SPO introduced its Composer-in-Residence program

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Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra

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Media Releases

Please view/download the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra's latest news, events and media releases to learn more about our program and concerts.