Community Partnerships

The SPO has a continuing commitment to vibrant community partnerships:

Note: Some planned activities have had to be postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. These items are marked *C19. When it’s safe to do so, we’ll update this page.

  • Annual “New Generation Composer” workshop and music reading session *C19
  • Providing performance opportunities for “New Generation” Artists *C19
  • Annual concert with the Toronto Choral Society *C19
  • Concert and youth outreach program with St. Paul’s L’Amoreaux Anglican Church *C19
  • Concert series at The Salvation Army Scarborough Citadel and St. Paul’s L’Amoreaux Anglican Church *C19
  • Supporting Sistema Youth Choir (Scarborough) *C19
  • Renewed partnership with Rotary Club North Scarborough
  • Two summer engagements with the Cedar Ridge Creative Centre in 2019 and 2020 *C19
  • Participation with the Birkdale Arts Festival in 2019. 2020 BAF *C19
  • Welcoming members of The Church of the Holy Trinity Guildwood Choir to our 2019 Family Holiday Concert
  • Engaging high school students and providing them with the opportunity to earn their volunteer hours
  • New community partnership with Scarborough Arts 2020
  • New community partnership with FabCollab Toronto 2020

The SPO is also seeking partnerships with business and organizations in our great community of Scarborough:

  • Often, people who support the SPO are strong and vital members of our Scarborough community.  While some of our patrons have only been in the neighbourhood for a short time, some have been here for their entire lives. Some have been to concerts for the 40 years of existence.
  • If your company or organization would like to work together with the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra, please feel free to contact us via email at
  • NEW OPPORTUNITY / AUGUST 30, 2020 — If your company or organization would like to help offset costs for our Podcast series, please contact us via email at For a donation of $1,000, you can become a season sponsor of our 2020/2021 SPOGreatMusic Podcast Series, having your company’s name included verbally in the show, and your logo and website link will be included on our Podcast page on this website. This is of great value, especially in this time of Covid, as online digital content tends to be available for longer periods and reaches a much broader audience.
  • We would welcome your support and work hard to show ours.

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