We hope that you and yours are safe and healthy during this strange time in history!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 — While the entire planet may be in chaos while we all adjust to COVID-19 and altered lifestyles, we wanted to let our musicians, subscribers, and supporters know that the SPO is bound and determined to not only survive the next twelve months, but to adapt, re-imagine, and come out on the other side of this stronger than ever. Like any organization with a 40 year history, the SPO has been through challenges before, just not on this kind of scale (nice musical reference).

At this time of year, we would normally be preparing our Season brochure, getting content updated on our website, preparing printed tickets, renewing subscriptions, and eagerly promoting all the great things to look forward to in a new season.

As we all know, that kind of normal might not be on the horizon for some time still.

Instead, we are already investigating opportunities, technologies, and reaching out to our musicians and team to plan for a very different kind of season.

The SPO is very lucky to have members of our musical community and family who are already reaching out to help us adapt and learn. We’re also lucky to have excellent leadership on both the artistic and administrative sides, making it possible to go forward at all.

Of course, the dedicated musicians of the SPO are in the forefront of our minds. For what is an orchestra without musicians? And what is a musician without an opportunity to perform?

We are working to include as many of our regular musicians as possible in these altered activities and plans. For example, we’re currently developing a podcast series, which will not only help us keep connected, but may allow us to learn more about what it means to be a member of an orchestra, how each member fits in, and maybe even discussing educational components, like score study, learning about different instruments, and much more.

Remember to visit our website regularly, to see when new content becomes available. We’ll also be offering tickets to these upcoming events through this website.

Plans are already underway for us to create new concert content, starting small and expanding as we’re allowed, to continue to present great music to our Scarborough community, and to the world.

The SPO greatly appreciates the excellent information and idea sharing made available to us from funding agencies, like the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts.

We are also extremely blessed to have amazing information, technical, and emotional support from Orchestras Canada, under the incredible direction of Katherine Carleton and the O.C. team. We’ve already participated in many online webinars, which have also allowed us to connect face-to-face with other leaders of Canadian orchestras, sharing ideas, concerns, and support.

The SPO is also keen to ensure that unique programs, like our New Generation Composers Workshop, can continue supporting the quality long-term future of classical music and Canadian composers.

Finally, we hope that, if possible, our generous supporters will continue to donate through a mailed donation cheque, or using CanadaHelps.org (search Scarborough Philharmonic) to not only show your support, but to help ensure that the SPO can continue to exist and share great music in our community for many years to come.

The SPO is proud to offer programs and opportunities that benefit and support Canadian composers, artists, and talent. Show your support, too!


If you haven’t heard the extremely high-quality performances the SPO presents, and you appreciate great classical music, do your body and soul a big favour — and check us out.




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